New Zealand inventor in list of finalists for “New Zealander of the Year”

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 at 1:52 pm

It is pleasing to see that innovation is viewed as an important characteristic of New Zealanders and our society with an inventor making it to the list of the final three in the running to become the New Zealander of the Year. The other two finalists are a successful and popular sportsperson and well known philanthropist/businessman.

The purpose of the awards is stated to be to recognise, encourage and reward New Zealand’s most vital resource – its people.

The New Zealander of the Year Awards “will honour the achievements and contributions of an inspirational Kiwi. The winner will be New Zealand who has made a significant contribution to the well-being of our nation. This award provides an opportunity to be proud of our country and what can be achieved”.

The inventor in question is Mr. Ray Avery whose inventions include an intravenous flow controller to prevent fatal drug administration errors, a high tech incubator, and a nutritional powder using waste products from the kiwi fruit and meat industries, to hydrate and nourish children suffering from severe diarrhoeal disease.

Ray Avery’s low cost, sustainable inventions are reported as making a difference to billions of the world’s poorest, most vulnerable and most neglected citizens across the developing world.

Because of Ray Avery, 30 million cataract blind people in the developing world will have regained the gift of sight by 2020 using quality intraocular lenses, produced at an affordable price in factories designed by Ray in Eritrea and Nepal.

Ray is a director of the company Medicine Mondiale, which describes itself in the following terms:

Medicine Mondiale (MM) is an independent development agency focused on improving the lot of the world’s poor.

MM’s goal is to develop sustainable solutions to global poverty the development of products and technologies which have applications in both the developing and developed world markets. By way of example, a low cost protein formula which can save lives of children suffering from cholera and malnutrition which can also be used to improve athletic endurance in multi-day sports events.

I wish Ray and the other finalists good luck in the awards – I would like to think that New Zealand’s innovative sense will be recognised with Ray’s endeavours, perseverance and achievements being recognised.


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