Auckland Super City logo unveiled

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm

I have just read in The Herald on-line (Auckland’s newspaper) that the new logo for the soon to be new Auckland “super city” was announced earlier today – the logo comprises a red Pohutakawa encircled by a green koru circle.

For those of you not from my part of the world, the Pohutakawa is a flowering tree of the gensus “Metrosideros excelsa”, a member of the myrtle family, and is known as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree as it flowers at Christmas time. The koru often used in Maori art as a symbol of creation. It is based on the shape of an unfurling fern frond.

I would have to agree with the judges that the design leaps of the page however I have to wonder how this logo represents Auckland or its council? The Pohutakawa is found throughout New Zealand and there is some still in flower in Wellington as I type even though Christmas has long since passed!

However, I congratulate Jim Dean on having his design (which includes three variations on the Phoutakawa theme) selected from the reported over a thousand entries.


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